Panoramic Kamera Group, LLC

Panoramic Kamera Group, LLC is dedicated to improving safety and efficiency in the construction industry through the use of our state of the art, custom designed camera systems built to suit your individual needs.


Whether up on a crane, underwater, or anywhere in between, our custom camera systems provide visualization for the operator in areas where he would have to depend on often inaudible radio communication. Providing overall safety and productivity tools for your company is our goal.

We also design site camera systems to enable job superintendents, project managers and corporate personnel to observe and control their day to day operations with NO MONTHLY FEES FOR CLOUD ACCESSIBILITY. 

Our commitment to quality, service, and providing the latest state of the art products, is the driving force behind our team.

Our Story

Started in 2017 by Dave Brooks, Panoramic Kamera Group, LLC was created to solve problems all across the job site. An industrial construction worker, supervisor and equipment operator with over 50 years of experience, Dave knew first hand how much having cameras around the job site could help improve safety and efficiency.

Since then our team has worked tirelessly to design, create and improve our suite of camera systems to meet even the toughest of challenges. Our love for problem solving and passion for service has given us the opportunity to work with a large variety of companies and people. We have even helped them win a couple of awards along the way.

Satisfied Customers