Panoramic Kamera Group’s flagship system, the Krane Kam, is the complete solution for crane operators of all types to have complete control over their work area. The system’s compact, durable, wireless design allows for ease of installation and minimal service once installed. With features that include a 2.8-12mm motorized varifocal lens, an IP66-rated weather-resistant hard shell, and Smart IR LED night vision, operators can take control of any payload; no matter how tricky the lift.

Watch real time footage from the view of the hook block with 4MP Full HD 2592×1520 video streamed straight to your cab.

Zoom in on rigging with our x4.3 power zoom and zoom out to view large loads in their entirety with a 90° conical field of view.

Hear live audio of your rigging team directly through the monitor. Prevent accidents and increase efficiency by eliminating the need for a hands on radio.

Continue working after dark with super strong IR LED lights that give you up to 98ft of Night Vision capabilities. Our True Day/Night and WDR provides functionality in any lighting condition.


Record almost two months of 24/7 footage and play it back at any time. Review picks and record accidents to increase safety and accountability.

Our systems come in IP66 rated weather proof casings and are housed inside damage resistant Pelican Cases. Rain or shine these systems will continue to work, even if they take a beating.

Each system comes with two 30+ hour batteries for 24/7 operation with minimal downtime

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